MedOpen team -


virtual training course on coastal management in the Mediterranean

MedOpen team

The MedOpen team is composed of lecturers and a Simulation Game (SG) co-ordinator – experts in ICZM and CV&C issues in the Mediterranean, as well as of PAP/RAC co-ordination and technical support. During the Advanced trainings implementation, the MedOpen team:

•    makes participants familiar with experience and skills in coastal management;
•    performs at a deeper level of analysis and processing the programme contents;
•    structures activities so that participants can lead the discussions and share critical thinking, assessment and problem-  solving with peers (the practical Simulation Game);
•    offers an opportunity for applying knowledge and skills learned in the training (preparation of the Final Essay).

The lecturers interactively communicate with the Advanced trainings participants through the MedOpen Forum to make such ambitious challenges possible.